Introducing to Yahoo Music Unlimited.....

Yahoo Music Unlimited is a online music provider which offers more than 2 million songs for online downloading.

To get started with Yahoo Music Unlimited, you can open an account for free and try out the 14 day free trial, but remember to cancel it within the trial period to avoid charges. Yahoo Music Unlimited offers two billing options: 1. $71.88 per year and billed annually (is about $5.99/month), 2. $8.99 per month and billed monthly.

The subscription will be automatically renewed on the monthly or yearly basis depending on your subscription plan, and at the then-current price until you cancel the plan. All the subscripted songs from this plan are not burnable, and the tracks will become non-playable as long as you terminate the subscription.

However, you can always purchase individual songs or album which are transferrable to CD or portable device for just $0.79 per track or $9.99 per album. The tracks and albums will be forever yours irregardless of your subscription status. And you can actually purchase the tracks or albums from its nonsubscription store. In order to transfer the downloaded tracks from Yahoo!Music Unlimited, your portable device needs to be Janus-compatible, for example iRiver and Creative Zen players.

Yahoo Music Unlimited only offers a short grace period to allow you to play your tracks and keep your library, playlist and preferences beyond the subscription period. However, the grace period is not as long as Rhapsody can offer which is up to six months. Thus, if you do not continue your subscription plan few days after the expire date, if you resubscribe, you will need to rebuild your entire list.

Yahoo Music Unlimited also offers radio streaming and downloadable at 192Kbps WMA files which is at higher rate as compared to other providers such as Rhapsody and Napster. It has more than 120 programs and you can even skip past the songs you don't like.

Another good thing is Yahoo Music Unlimited uses Yahoo Messenger to link up its members. The subscribers can browse and stream tracks from each other personal library.

In around Sep 2007, Yahoo Music Unlimited removed its "To Go" subscription plan from its online properties. No official announcement was made regarding this termination.

CNET has a pretty good and detail review about Yahoo!Music Unlimited features and plans.