Guide to install VNSea on iPhone

Lot of things or 3rd party applications can be installed and work on your iPhone after you get your iPhone jailbreak / hacked / unlocked.

One of the most useful applications that I encounter is called VNSea, which is similar as VNC application for our PC. By using VNSea, it will allow you to control your PC using iPhone. All you need to do is to install VNSea in your iPhone and Ultra VNC on your PC.

Below is a step by step guide on how to install VNSea and VNC, and how to get it works:

1. You need to have installer application on your iPhone. Open up installer, install VNSea. If you fail to install, go to installer -> source -> community sources to install a newer version of community sources. Then, install VNSea again.

2. Go to you PC now. Install UltraVNC into your PC. Once it is done, launch Ultra VNC server.

3. Set a password in your Ultra VNC server on your PC.

4. Go to iPhone. Click on the "+" icon at the upper right corner.

5. Put a name that you want to name this VNC session under "Name". Any name you want

6. Put the IP address that you retrieve from your PC VNC server (by just pointing your cursor to the icon of your Ultra VNC server, you should be able to see the IP) under "Address"

7. Put in the password you keyed in your Ultra VNC server under "Password"

8. Click Save

9. Tap on your session to open it.