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The Editor Blog It is all about online downloads, and latest gadget reviews adn introduction. You can even receive video clips on music video, movie and music....

MP3 Downloads
Good free MP3 download sites such as MP3 Download Net, MP3 Audio Station, Unlimited Download Center and K-Lite offer a lifetime access to unlimited free mp3 downloads.

iPod Downloads
Learn about facts and reviews of free iPod music download sites which offer lifetime free access without any additional charges. Unlike some conventional sites such as Apple iTunes, they normally charge a monthly subscription or per download fee which will be costly for regular basis download...

Zune Music Downloads
Thus, you can't just download zune music, movie, games, and softwares from any download sites like any other mp3 player. Ther are some Zune specialized download sites offering lifetime subscription downloads to zune player. With Zune wireless transfer capability, it will make it fairly easy to transfer files to Zune or from Zune.

iPhone Downloads
Apple has placed so many restrictions on iPhone when it comes to downloading files. It does not support the common video formats such as .mp3 and .mpeg like we have in PC. You need to do some conversion in order for you to be able to download to iPhone. And besides, the music file formats need to be supported by iTunes in order for you to download to iPhone as well. Although there are not as many website established to provide download services, there are some sites such as iPhone Magic, iPhone Unlimited, iPhone Nova, and iPhone Download Pro, that are legal and providing lifetime unlimited access.

PSP Downloads
Lots of people are searching for free psp downloads nowadays as PSP has become the greatest handheld video game. Now, there are websites out there such as, PSP Blender, My PSP Center, and My PSP Download offer free lifetime psp downloads at fast speeds without the risk of virus, or spyware. All you need to do is to pay a small one time fee, and no monthly or per download fee ever.

Lots of people are downloading movies online nowadays, and lots are searching for free movie download. However, most of the time, those so called "free movie download" are illegal. But now, there are websites out there such as, TheMovieDownloads, Fast TV Downloads, and Easy Movie Access offer free lifetime movie downloads at fast speeds without the risk of virus, or spyware. All you need to do is to pay a small one time fee, and no monthly or per download fee ever.

Turn your PC instantly into a Super PC TV to catch over 3000 stations TV programs from all over the world for FREE! Now, you can watch hundreds of LIVE worldwide channels on your PC, FREE of charge. You can never miss your favourite programs such as Sports, News, Movies, Music, Weather, Kids Channels, Educational, Shopping, Clips, Radio Stations and much more.

Ebook Downloads
some useful links for you to download ebooks or audio books. Some of them are totally free with no charge, some of them charge certain amount of fee for downloading. Both websites cover wide variety of reading material such as children, programming, religious, sci-fi and so on. And of course, you should anticipate better quality downloads from paid sites as compared to free download sites.

MP3 Player Review
high level review and recommendation on mid range storage flash MP3 players. The memory size ranging from 1G to 8G.

Napster MP3 Player Downloads
Napster launched which provided free music streaming to downloader. It allows you to create a free account which can stream more than 2 millions titles for free. However, the catches are free user can only stream the same song or music not more than 3 times and cannot be downloaded; and low speed transfer rate. It is still a very nice service as you can sample the songs before making any decision.

Yahoo! Music
To get started with Yahoo Music Unlimited, you can open an account for free and try out the 14 day free trial, but remember to cancel it within the trial period to avoid charges. Yahoo Music Unlimited offers two billing options: 1. $71.88 per year and billed annually (is about $5.99/month), 2. $8.99 per month and billed monthly.

Spyware Removal Softwares
Spyware and Adware is software made by publishers that allow them to snoop on your browsing activity, invade your privacy, and flood you with those horrible popups. If you are like most users on the internet, chances are you are probably infected with these applications.....

iTunes Downloads
iTunes Store is an online business run by Apply Inc which sells media files online and contains more than 3 billion song selections. iTunes Store was originated from iTunes Music Store. It was renamed to iTunes Store after it began to sell feature length movies besides music in year 2006.

Rhapsody Downloads
Rhapsody is a online music store run by RealNetworks, and it is the only on-demand streaming service that offers integration with several digital media receivers to stream music over a network to your home stereo. Rhapsody downloads are restricted by Helix, RealNetworks’ version of DRM (digital rights management) which does not permit the users to burn the tracks into CD.

eMusic Downloads
eMusic is another online music store which offers online song downloads all MP3 players including iPod. eMusic has more than 2 million song selections which are in mp3 format and free from digital rights management restrictions such as expiration dates, and copying/burning the tracks to CD. That means you will be able to keep the songs even after you have terminated the subscription with eMusic. Unlike other providers such as Napster and Yahoo!Unlimited Music, you won’t be able to access to your music downloads after termination. This is the best part of eMusic.

Amazon Music Online
Amazon Music Online Store is a free download and shipping online store where you can search for wide variety of MP3 players, MP3 downloads, CD burning softwares, digital audio/video softwares, PSP games, ebooks and much more.

Amazon Kindle
Kindle is designed to provide an exceptional reading experience. With electronic paper, a revolutionary new display technology, reading Kindle’s screen is as sharp and natural as reading ink on paper—and nothing like the strain and glare of a computer screen. Kindle is also easy on the fingertips. It never becomes hot and is designed for ambidextrous use so both "lefties" and "righties" can read comfortably at any angle for long periods of time.

DRM Removal
Digital Rights Management (DRM) is a term which used to refer to access control technologies that limits the usage of digital media or devices by copy right holders or providers. And DRM is usually widely applied to creative media such as music, film, and movies.....

Online DVD Rental
online DVD rental does not have any late fees or due dates on any online DVD rentals. And all the DVDs will be shipped to your front door for free. All you need to do is to select the DVDs you want and put them into “queue list”. Keep filling up your “queue list”, and the selected DVDs in queue list will be shipped continuously.

Movie Trailer
Get the first view on the latest and on-coming movie trailers, with short sypnosis / movie introduction

Archive Movie Trailer
Get all the recent and old movie trailers and clips

Daily Free MP3 Download
website which will highlight one artist who has at least one MP3 for free download. There is no DRM or restriction and it is totally legal. This site has been established since year 2004 and up to now, they have more than 110000 songs for free download.

Links Directory
All the useful links and resources

Moving your iTunes library from PC to Mac
If you've invested a lot of time creating custom playlists, adding album art, and rating songs within iTunes, that metadata will not copy over using the instructions outlined below. Power users concerned about transferring every bit of metadata from their old iTunes library will need to take the longer road of exporting and tweaking an iTunes XML file (not covered here). With that warning, here's a quick method for migrating your iTunes library.

Make Your Playlist Smart
Introduced in iTunes 3.0, Smart Playlists let you personalize your listening experience by creating music lists that automatically update based on user-specified criteria such as My Rating, Last Played, Comment, and Play Count. Some attributes of a track that can be used as criteria for creating a Smart Playlist (such as Song Name) are static, while others (such as Play Count) are dynamically updated to reflect track status. Smart Playlists have something to offer every listener.

Revive Your Frozen iPod
When your iPod gets frosty, chances are that you can revive it within minutes. But other times, you'll to practice some tech triage. Knowing a few tricks (some quick, others more involved), you'll quickly get back to your treat.

Convert Video for Your iPod
A better solution is Videora's iPod Converter ($30, free trial). This 6MB utility makes simple work of transcoding your movies into iPod-compatible MPEG-4 files. It supports all the popular video codecs, including AVI (DivX), MPEG, QuickTime, and WMV. Even more impressive, it can convert VOB and TiVo To Go files, great for ripped DVD movies and TiVo recordings, respectively.

Maximize Your iPod Battery Life
To get the most life out of your battery, don't let it discharge fully--that is, don't run it until it's dead. However little you use your iPod, recharge it fully at least once every three weeks to prevent the battery from going flat. If you go on vacation for a month, you should take your iPod with you and recharge it during that time.

Overclock Your Gaming Console
From speeding up your Sega Genesis to previously untenable speeds to making your Nintendo 64 run in overdrive, you can sometimes achieve major frame-rate hikes via overclocking. Sure, sometimes you'll have glitches and crashes, too, but pioneers and trailblazers can't have everything. The following sections demonstrate a few console overclocking tips.

Turn Your CDs into MP3s
You can use several free audio jukeboxes to rip CDs into MP3s, but two of the most popular ones are Windows Media Player (WMP) and Apple iTunes.

Easily transfer contacts to your new cell phone
Ways to transfer contacts to new cell phone if the contacts are not in the same SIM card.

Find The Video Quality Sweet Spot On Your PSP
achieving optimal PSP video quality is determining the aspect ratio of your source video. In all likelihood, this will be one of the following (aspect ratios are listed in increasing order of how many steps it will take to achieve optimal quality)....

Traktor Is The Best MP3 DJ Software
Traktor (by Native Instruments) is a very impressive piece of Mp3 DJ software. If you cannot afford to get two turntables/CD players and a mixer then I totally recommend getting this DJ software.

How To Split Long Audio Tracks
tutorial can help you split audio books into shorter tracks on your own.

Convert Video for Your Creative Zen Vision
Using Creative's bundled Media Explorer, you can convert just about any kind of video file (AVI, DivX, MPEG, WMV, and so on) for viewing on your Zen Vision or Zen Vision:M.

Choose your front end when integrating a PC into your home theater
Once your computer and your display are getting along, you can start figuring out how to build and manage your library of digital media....

The iPhone Made Easy for Business Customers business users will be able to get their work e-mail on an iPhone just as easily as they can on a Windows mobile phone or a BlackBerry.

Round up of iPhone applications
few applications, developed in a couple weeks by some very high-profile names in tech. Apple demonstrated seven new applications in a variety of categories: business, communications, and games.

Free and legal music downloads
There's no such thing as a free lunch. What there most definitely is is a lot of truth to that statement.The point is that there are some companies that are trying to make your (digital) life a little easier

Top 10 Virtual Console games you haven't downloaded yet
Top 10 virtual console games

Why is Universal Music cozying up to Apple?
Morris has approached Apple with an idea to offer a device that comes preprogrammed with Universal Music's entire library on it, sources told CNET A music industry source said Wednesday night that Apple has broached the idea of bundling music with the other three major labels but didn't show much enthusiasm for the plan. "Apple was just inquiring about whether this kind of thing would interest (the other record companies)," said the source....

BitTorrent - Great Way to Download Files for File Sharing
Bittorrent picks up right where many other networks, like Kazaa, have left off and takes the file sharing game to another level.BitTorrent was created to be used by people in the film industry to send massive content files from one location to another. To accommodate many users and not tie up their bandwidth, the software sends the information to you by trading pieces of the file from multiple users along the way.

Discover Free Music Video Resources - Learn How to Get Music Video Downloads
Free Yahoo music service called "Yahoo! Launch" not only lets you listen to music but you can view thousands of music videos and create your own video channels. And, of course, the music videos are completely free to watch.