Revive Your Frozen iPod

Source From: CNET

If you're an active iPod user, you've probably experienced a system crash or at least a freeze (and in some cases "silent" tracks or random skipping of tracks). Hey, it's an electronic gadget with moving internal parts and an operating system! When your iPod gets frosty, chances are that you can revive it within minutes. But other times, you'll to practice some tech triage.

Knowing a few tricks (some quick, others more involved), you'll quickly get back to your treat.

Here's what to do:

1. First things first. If and when your iPod's screen freezes (the equivalent of Windows blue screen of death or a Mac's infinitely swirling rainbow) or it just won't turn on, try plugging it into a power outlet or your computer. You might just have a dead battery, in which case you should backtrack to Monday's menace.

2. If that doesn't do anything, try a soft reset. Any iPod owner should know the old Menu+center button trick. Press these together for a few seconds to perform a soft reboot, which will force the iPod to start anew. Don't worry about your music or data--as long as the iPod reboots, it will be safe. Seeing the Apple logo pop onto the screen means you've successfully performed a soft reset, and you should be well on your way to normal iPodding.

Before you take any drastic measures, try a soft reset: hold the Menu and Center buttons down for three seconds. Your music and data will be safe.

3. If the above technique doesn't work and the screen is still frozen, you may have to let the iPod drain before you take any new steps. Once it runs completely out of batteries, try recharging it.

4. Still not working? Don't get desperate yet. You can always try a factory reset. The iPod Updater is a utility that ships with the iPod; it's also available from Apple. It automatically checks for and installs firmware updates, as well as facilitates a factory reset. Connect your iPod to your computer and select Restore. You'll lose all your music and data, but if the freezing problem has to do with your firmware, this restore will fix your iPod.

5. Windows users may want to check out Anapod Reinitializer from Redchair Software. This is a little utility that helps you reinitialize and reformat your Windows-formatted iPod.

6. If you can't get your iPod to work, it may have a faulty battery or hard drive, or you could just have a lemon. If your iPod's under warranty (one year is the standard), definitely check with Apple.

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