Download QTFairUse, Convert iTunes Protected Files to Unprotected MP4

QTFairUse is a software application which is able to dump the raw output of a QuickTime AAC stream to a file, which could bypass the digital rights management (DRM) algorithm used to encrypt music content of media files such as those from iTunes Store.

QTFairUse for ITunes will allow you to convert protected m4p format files purchased in the iTunes Music Store to unprotected m4a files, playable everywhere.

QTFairUse is a free software. Instead of removing the already present DRM, it waits for iTunes to play back the protected file and intercepts the unencrypted AAC data stream as it is sent to the sound card. During this process, it copied unencrypted data, frame-by-frame, into RAM and the inserts it into a new MP4 container that is free of any DRM.

You can get 100% free QTFairUse freeware from SOFTPEDIA.

From version 2.0, QTFairUse6 supports fully automated conversion of all protected tracks in your iTunes library.For that, start QTFairUse6.exe with no commandline parameters.The program will confirm whether you want to convert all the files in your library. Press 'y' and Enter to do that.

Next it will ask if you want to skip already converted tracks (e.g. from the previuos run). Press 'n' and Enter to owerwrite them, 'y' and Enter to skip.After that, the script will begin conversion of all files in the library. Converted files will have m4a extension and will reside next to their m4p counterparts.

To stop the conversion in process, press Ctrl-C in the console window. You can also close iTunes.