Portable MP3 Player Review - Buyer's Guide and Recommendation

Hundreds of different MP3 players have been "flooding" the buyers' list of choice, and sometimes, it can be confusing. By just searching "mp3 player" from search engine, it will return hundreds of results and display hundreds of brands and storage capacity that you can ever imagine.

In order to get the "best suit" your need MP3 player, there are few factors you need to consider, including storage capacity, features such as FM tuner, video and photo viewing, the amount of money you can afford, hard-disk or flash mp3 player, the brand of the player and etc.

The best portable mp3 player review site is CNET.com. Right there, you can get a first glance of editor choice mp3 players, pro and con of the players, player features, price comparison, customer review and rating and much more. It covers wide range of branded mp3 players.

Here, I provide a high level review and recommendation on mid range storage flash MP3 players. The memory size ranging from 1G to 8G.

Portable MP3 Player Review - Facts and Recommendation

Apple iPod still remains the most famous, popular and pioneer manufacturer for mp3 player. In general, it is more pricey in terms of gigabyte per dollar. However, I would still say "go ahead" with iPod if it is affordable due to its creditability and reliability of the products. Apple Ipod Nano 4G has very slim design and it works seamlessly with iTunes which provides huge selection of music. Its dimension is only 3.5 by 1.6 by 0.27 inches and weight 1.5 ounces. iPod Nano offers customizable main menu with Music, Photo, Extra, Settings, Shuffles, Songs and Now Playing fields. The iPod GUI is user friendly. iPod Nano offers photo viewing feature, but lacking of FM radio, voice recorder and line-in recording. iPod Nano has fast navigation speed and it is comparible with both Mac and Windows.

The price for Apple iPod Nano ranges from $149 for 1G, $199 for 2G and $249 for 4G. In general, the 4G player can hold about 1000 songs and about 25000 photos.

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Creative is another well known MP3 player manufacturer. Its recent Creative Zen V Plus is a tiny, cute and trendy design with brilliant full color 1.5" OLED and 128 X 128 resolution screen display. This player is packed with features including FM radio, voice recording, line-in recording, photo and video viewer. It is the first player offers up to 16G storage capacity. The most important thing to mention is the sound quality is great.

As compared to Apple iPod, it definitely costs less. It offers 2G player for $79.99, 4G for $109.99, 8G for $169.99 and 16G for $249.99.

Thus, if you are a customer lookng for compact, feature-filled and less costly MP3 player with great sound quality, this is definitely your choice of MP3 player.

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iRiver. It has a sleeker design than the previous iRiver Clix, and updated with vibrant 2.2" AMOLED screen, and highly compatible with both MTP and UMS operating modes. The player comes packed with built in digital FM tuner, voice recorder, photo and video playback, alarm clock and a up to 24 hours of battery life.

The player comes with 2G, 4G and 8G storage capacity, and it costs $139.99, $189.99 and $239.99 respectively.

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