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Free Yahoo music service called "Yahoo! Launch" not only lets you listen to music but you can view thousands of music videos and create your own video channels. And, of course, the music videos are completely free to watch.

With Yahoo Launch, you can view a free music video in these different categories:

  • Recently watched videos ("my videos")
  • Top 100
  • New videos
  • Videos by artist
  • Videos by genre
  • And because there's nothing to download and install, you can begin to watch music videos very quickly. If you are already a Yahoo member, your Yahoo! ID will work for the Yahoo music video service.

    If you haven't joined Yahoo yet, signing up is fast and free. Simply go to and once you've joined, your new Yahoo ID and password will work for all of Yahoo's services including the free music video launch service.

    Note: you do need to have the Windows Media Player audio file on your computer to listen to music using the Yahoo music service. If you run windows, you should already have the Windows Media Player installed on your PC.

    How to Download Music Videos:

    Just as with audio, unlimited free music video downloads are available from a variety of sources. The big difference, of course, is the size of most video files.

    Even though video can be compressed (similar to MP3 or WMA) the file size of a 90 minute movie can be in the range of 700 MB. That means that video playback is better suited for hard drive MP3 players than flash memory players.

    Of course, not all video content are full movie downloads. TV shows, animations and home videos are all suitable for viewing on MP3 players. There's also a particular type of video practically designed for portable audio players - podcasts.

    Podcasts can be either audio or video - they are like radio or TV broadcasts except that they are available for viewing or listening anytime.

    You can subscribe to podcasts so that they are automatically downloaded to your computer when a new one is produced. From the computer, it can be transferred to your MP3 player.

    Podcasts are often amateur productions with a wide range of subject matter. Users of Apple iTunes can browse through podcasts to select which ones to subscribe to, and they are automatically transferred to the iPod when it is connected to the computer.