Get Free Ebook Download for Your Electronics. Make Reading "Paperless"

Nowadays, reading has been made "paperless", and material is much easily assessible. Lots of websites provide links to free ebook download or audio book download which are published under free license. You can either read or listen to it on your PC, or MP3 players.

Below are some useful links for you to download ebooks or audio books. Some of them are totally free with no charge, some of them charge certain amount of fee for downloading. Both websites cover wide variety of reading material such as children, programming, religious, sci-fi and so on. And of course, you should anticipate better quality downloads from paid sites as compared to free download sites.

My recommendation will be downloading from paid websites with small charges as they normally provide better quality and wider selections.

Free Ebook or Audio Book Download Sites provides some online free ebook download and audio books for mobile computer. It has quite some programming and technical books available such as "Lessons in Electric Circuits" which are pretty complete and well organized. It also links to a Linux site which offers lots of Linux programming online material. For its audio books, it has link to Christian Audio Book. It also contains good introduction and links to ebook and audio book readers. Worth to take a look. has wide variety of audio books which you can download for free in slower speed, bearable quality and multiple MP3 files; or in MP3 CD, HDD-MP3 portable player, hard drive with certain amount of charges. It also provide download in better quality and faster speed with small amount of charges per download. It also offers $100 per year membership for free access to higher quality and zip files of all its audio books.

Free Classic Audio Books has several audio books in MP3 format and MP4 for iPod and iTunes. Not as many collections as the above two websites, but worth for check out.

Free Christian Audio Books is for someone looking for Christian audio books. It offers a list of free downloads on both window media player MP3 format, and AAC format for iPod and iTunes. It also provides link to iTunes player software. offers ~100 online books which can be downloaded to either MP3 audio format or plain text format. It is totally free of charge.

Paid Ebook or Audio Book Download Sites

BUY-EBOOK offers hundreds of ebooks which involves more than 50 categories ranging from children, classic, Christian, parenting, home business to programming and much more. The charges ranging from $0.00 to $20.00 per download. Yes, some books are free in this website. You can obtain 3 free ebooks, "Working with Clickbank", "I create Millions" and "Creating wealth through adventure with the Stan Grist system". Definitely a very good site for ebook. Check it out further by clicking the following link/logo.

Ebooks from eLibrary!
Ebooks! makes it possible for you to download and listen to audio programs and books from the world's best personal development teachers and authors. You can download and listen from PC, or any portable device. The programs are encoded in a .mp3 file format for easy downloading. A very good website for personal development material or references.

Powerful Guides
High quality free ebooks to help you make money from your online business. Covers everything from how to come up with ideas, where to get product, and how to setup a successful website and generate traffic to it. Using these powerful free tools is your best chance at success on the internet.