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Zen V Plus 4gb, November 1, 2006

Reviewer: jtricoche25 - See all jtricoche25's reviews

Pros: Everything that the Ipod can't do

Cons: None

If you still have not decide which Mp3 player you want, I suggest really suggest you check out the Creative Zen V plus 4gb. It has everything that the Ipod don't, like FM tuner, you don't need to buy a transmitter. Also has video you just need to convert it and your set to go. The price is acceptable I spent 179.99 not like the Nano 4gb that cost 199. The Zen V plus 4gb has the same storage capability like the Nano 8gb but for less. I really recommend this Mp3 to any one instead of the Nano or the Video Ipod. ...


Very Impressed, March 5, 2007

Reviewer: karl_loebach - See all karl_loebach's reviews

Pros: Flash Memory, Small, Good Battery Life, Line-In Encoding, Nice Sound Quality

Cons: Navigation Could be Easier

The 4GB Creative Zen V Plus is an excellent mp3 player, replacing my previous player, an iPod Mini. It is small and has good battery life. Obviously the small amount of space available (4 GB) doesn't make it very ideal for video playback, but I am not buying this for video and the screeen is too small anyway.

If you want an inexpensive, simple, and compatible mp3 player, I would highly recommend this. I use it along with a Yahoo! Music Unlimited Subscription and I love it. ...


I was Surprised, January 15, 2007

Reviewer: jessicav0983 - See all jessicav0983's reviews

Pros: Features

Cons: froze the 1st day

I wanted an iPOD for xmas and my hubby got me this. I was a little dissappointed till I got to Playing with it and saw all the cool features like line in and fm radio. And it is soooo easy to use. The only thing was it froze the 1st day and I had to reset it, but that hasnt happened since.....I recommend it. ...


Zen for Christmas, January 15, 2007

Reviewer: Michael S - See all Michael S's reviews

Pros: features, size, screen

Cons: none as of yet

My wife gave me the zen for Christmas. I was really thinking about exchanging it for the iPod, but after see the size and easy uses, I decided to keep it and have been very happy with it.


you gotta love this thing., December 23, 2006

Reviewer: demonic_soul94 - See all demonic_soul94's reviews

Pros: features, size..

Cons: haven't found any

well although this toy isn't as "flat as the ipod".. it still is cute. it isn't bulky or heavy and 100% wont regret to buy this mp3.


This is wat I want, December 13, 2006

Reviewer: thomasknockaert - See all thomasknockaert's reviews

Pros: Features

Cons: not really flat like an Ipod Nano

This MP3 is what I really want for christmas. It can play video and stuff and costs like


Great deal!, September 29, 2007

Reviewer: First L - See all First L's reviews

Pros: Light weight, and compatible with almost any music program

Cons: loses battery charge fast as does any other mp3 player. It does sometimes not work if the temperarture is to cold or hot.

Eventhough it had a few cons, it still is a wonderful player. Before I had purchased the Zen v player, I had an I-pod nano which only frusterated me. It is an inconvienence to have to use I-tunes when they charge a dollar per song. The only other music you can use is a cd, or easy mp3 which is mainly illegal downloads. who was time to download a cd to the computer, and then process it through i-tunes to then download to the i-pod. The zen v plus by far is the easiest and most user friendly mp3 on the market currently. ...


Little but mighty, September 3, 2007

Reviewer: Haly - See all Haly's reviews

Pros: Small but mighty

Cons: Poor instruction manual

I did a lot of research before purchasing the Zen V Plus. I love this little MP3 player!! It is much smaller than I had anticipated, people often ask, "is that the, 'Help! I've fallen, and can't get up thing?'" It really is that small, but it holds hours of music, pictures, etc. My only complaint is the nicely packaged instruction manual. It is worthless, unless you want to balance out a wobbly table. Despite the wasted paper Creative Labs used to print the instruction manual, they did make navigation through the device user friendly. After experimenting for about 20 minutes I was able to easily find the options I wanted. The sound quality is amazing with this MP3, and it is quite sturdy (days at the beach & camping have proven that!). The ear buds are not that comfortable, but they do deliver good sound. I'm much happier with the Zen V Plus than the larger, less user friendly iPod. ...


It's no ipod, Oh Wait... It's Better!, August 12, 2007

Reviewer: Mark M - See all Mark M's reviews Pros: Awesome battery life

Cons: No games

This is without a doubt one of the best MP3s you could buy for such a small amount of money. It boasts an excellent battery life and plenty of storage space for music, videos, pictures and did I mention it comes with an fm radio built in! I mean come on the choice is easy...


i loved it !!!!!!!!, December 2, 2006

Reviewer: - See all's reviews

Pros: nice work!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Cons: really nice... nice work!!!!!

this litle thing can make your life easier and less boring!!! because you can dounload picture, music and vidios, an it also has personal organizer, it is reallly cool, so i hope you buy it, cause is the best you could ever have in your life!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!