Best Online DVD Rental. Reveal Services And Membership Plans With Recommendation

Online DVD rental has become very popular nowadays, lots of people are searching for best online DVD rental. Online DVD rental provides lots of convenience to subscribers. As the providers putting everything online, they practically manage to offer much more selections than those DVD in-store rentals.

Not like the in-store rentals, online DVD rental does not have any late fees or due dates on any online DVD rentals. And all the DVDs will be shipped to your front door for free. All you need to do is to select the DVDs you want and put them into “queue list”. Keep filling up your “queue list”, and the selected DVDs in queue list will be shipped continuously.

The best online DVD rental providers normally will offer 3 basic plans:

  • 3 DVDs at-a-time plan which allows you to hold 3 DVDs at one time. For example, the provider will ship you 3 your pick DVDs at the first time. If you manage to finish 2 DVDs and return the 2 DVDs, the provider will ship you another 2 selected DVDs from your queue list. You don’t have to wait until you finish all the 3 DVDs that you first receive.
  • 2 DVDs at-a-time plan which allows you to hold 2 DVDs at one time. It works the same way as 3 DVDs at-a-time plan
  • 1 DVD at-a-time plan which allows you to hold 1 DVD at one time, and it works the same way as 3 DVDs at-a-time plan. Just for this, since you only receive 1 DVD, then you need to return the DVD in order to receive a new one.
  • The subscription fee will be charged monthly, and the user can terminate the plan at any time. Best online DVD rental providers will normally offer 14 day free trial period to new customer per household. In order to receive the free trial, you need to enter valid e-mail address and a valid credit/check card or checking account for payment of monthly fee. If you do not cancel the subscription prior to the end of your free trial period, your subscription automatically renews at the applicable monthly fee for the plan selected until cancelled.

    By looking at the current membership plans, it is a lot cheaper to rent DVD online. Taking the 3 DVDs at-a-time through mail only plan which Blockbuster offers, which costs $16.99/month. Assuming it takes 5 days to get 3 DVDs due to shipping/handling, you will get to watch 18 DVDs in a month. That means it will cost less than a dollar per DVD, as compared to in-store rental which charges $1.99/DVD or even more. Plus, you don’t have to go through all the hassle of driving to the store.

    There are two best online DVD rental providers which I would recommend if you want to try out the services. One is Blockbuster and another one is Neflix. Both also provide almost the same online service with fast shipping time and membership plans. However, I would think Blockbuster is at a slight winning site as it has in-store exchange option for you to exchange your online DVD with the in-store DVD at participating Blockbuster store. Thus, it is the editor choice of online DVD rental provider.