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A review from a recent iPod nano purchaser, September 24, 2005

Reviewer: Nick - See all Nick's reviews

Pros: Weight and size is perfect, great screen quality, and the sound is amazing.

Cons: It scratches very easily, have to charge throught the computer only or you can buy an adapter plug.

I actually bought a nano out of the people who are reviewing it and don't even own it! How do they know... they're assuming they know all about it.

Well, I can tell you the real scoop from a buyers perspective and not a make-believe review that they have no idea of what they're talking about.

First off, the deminsions. It is jsut mind boggling on how they can compact the old mini ipod into something that is 3 times smaller. It is thinner than a pencil and is 3.5 inches tall (about the average persons thumb).

The quality of how it is made is great. The mini 1.3 LCD screen is so clean and crisp that it is like a laptop screen. You can download pictures to share with your friends and it also displays the album cover of the song you are listenign to.

The quality of the sound is just as good as any mp3 player including the other ipods. If anything it's better.

It is a great investment that I will never regret. ...


Great, but......., October 14, 2005

Reviewer: andyv38501 - See all andyv38501's reviews

Pros: Tiny Size/ Black Color

Cons: Incredibly Easy To See Scratches

I bought my iPod Nano just about a month ago and so far it has been great but it does scratch amazingly easy. It is quite incredible that something as thick as a pencil can hold 1,000 songs. One bad thing I have found about the nano is that it does scratch VERY easily and if you buy the black one it makes it even easier to see scratches. My suggestion is to buy some kind of outer covering for it before you even open the box. If you don't like the pastel colors that are at look at the other more less known brands, from what I have heard they work just as well and you can buy them in all different kinds of colors. In the end though I don't believe there is much that could have made me regret purchasing the iPod nano, so far it has been wonderful. ...


ipod nano 4 gb, October 14, 2005

Reviewer: blkpool35 - See all blkpool35's reviews

Pros: small, portable, color screen, flash memory

Cons: scratches

This thing is awesome!!! I loved it right away! I love that it is flash memory and not hard drive. I heard all the scratching stories before I got one and if u buy a cover for it and apply it before u take it anywhere u wont have a problem. There is an awesome product called the invisible shield, it is some hi tech clear stuff to stick on the ipod and it is guaranteed for life. Get it at and u wont be sorry because your nano wont scratch!Excellent! ...


It's a cool player, yet it's..., February 13, 2006

Reviewer: Yahoo! Shopping User

Pros: Small, trendy, lots of accessories to buy and play with

Cons: Cost too much (nano and the accessories),scratches etc

Just a summary of what I have done. Purchased nano 4 gb four weeks ago. I bought it instead of 60 GB Ipod video because of it's small design and simplicity. Plus I don't like the idea of having less than 2-3 hours when I watch the video on road. (nano's battery last 4-6 hours average from my experiences) The setup was not as hard as somebody said in previous review. I went through all the manual and put pics and musics successfully into my nano. iTuner is not an excellent prog but it's great enough to transfer musics to the ipod. Because of broadly complains about scratches, originally I bought three layers of protections. 1. Sticker from Decalgirl 2. Transparent case (returned it because it created "wetspots" with sticker inside) 3. pouch So I think problem solved. Well yeah, half way... The accessories on ipod store are too expensive, I have to go through several websites to find a good deal (ex: handhelditems). Apple should have included outlet charger in the packet (268+ dollars just for a player + cable only...what a great company!). $29.99 for plastic charger is just too pricy. I suggest you to make a good research to find a better deal. If you look for a stylish cool-looking player, go for nano. It is a great player, but I won't say it is the best player. NB: estimate your budget first! I already spent 500+ worth in total to make a good use of my nano. Nano + Sticker + Pouch + Charger + Aux-in Head Unit + shippings.... = ...


second time ipod, December 8, 2005

Reviewer: nikrametra - See all nikrametra's reviews

Pros: I think people should buy this

Cons: like it

The minute I got this I thought it was like the ipod mini but with a color screen. But when I tried it out I was surprised that it held photos. You know the rumor the first time you drop this it breaks. thats a bunch of lies I dropped this 5 times and I just got a scratch. I just love this ipod.


love it!!, January 14, 2006

Reviewer: Yahoo! Shopping User

Pros: great sound better than any speaker i ever heard

Cons: nothing!!

this is the greatest !!! sound quality is amazing storage capacity is more than enough its the most amazing ipod its alot better than the mini better than the video and even better than just the regular ipod


Pro: It's incredibly small! Con: Ditto!, November 14, 2005

Reviewer: Marcell - See all Marcell's reviews

Pros: Size, attractiveness of unit

Cons: Size, scratches

This player gave me some of the best 6 weeks of music of my portable listening life.

However, it does scratch very very easily. Jio makes a neoprene cover, so I suggest buying something comparable or just not taking the cover film off of the unit until you buy something to protect it.

I will caution you all that if you are not very careful, as I thought I was being, you could lose it! I lost mine, so last time out, I decided just to go with the 30GB iPod "video" so that I could always feel it in my pocket. There IS such a thing as too small for some people (like me!) ...


Apple iPod nano 4GB Black MP3 Player, October 17, 2006

Reviewer: corleone_0110 - See all corleone_0110's reviews

Pros: New scratch-resistant aluminum body, Available in a variety of bright and shiny colours, Still superslender but more durable, thanks to seamless construction, upports photos (with thumbnail grid) and album art, Great sound quality

Cons: Still doesn't play video, not that you'd want to watch it on the small screen, No built-in FM tuner or recording capability, Not all colour options are available for all memory sizes

The second-generation Apple iPod Nano is like the successful offspring of an iPod Mini and a first-generation iPod Nano. It's small, stylish, user-friendly, and competitively priced -- a great player all around and suitable for a variety of users.


it is a great product, January 16, 2006

Reviewer: ljrsilkscreening - See all ljrsilkscreening's reviews

Pros: i pod nano black

Cons: It is worth the money

it is a great gift i had got my kids a ipod nano for xmas and they havent even stoped listening to it


I Love iPod Nano!!, January 14, 2006

Reviewer: Josh - See all Josh's reviews

Pros: Color, Games, Photos

Cons: Scratches easily

I recently got an ipod nano and i love it. If your mom doesn't want you to have one tell her to read this. DO NOT TAKE THE PLASTIC OFF THE FRONT OF YOUR NANO UNTIL YOU BUY A CASE!! That is the only bad news. My favorite thing is you can play music and the use the games at the same time. It's very reliable and it can hold a lot of songs.

Good Luck!! ...